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What is it?

A “calc“ is an online collaborative spreadsheet. Your data is automatically saved on the internet, and your friends can collaborate on the document at the same time (just provide them the address).
View all changes in real time!

Work together on your inventories, your surveys, your content, your meetings and much more!
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Main features

  • Collaborative editing in real time
  • Permanent and automatic backup
  • History
  • Cell annotations
  • Many functions available (statistics, financial, mathematics, text, etc.)
  • Basic graphs (histogram, lines, points)
  • HTML or CSV export


Framacalc has some limitations :

  • calcs will be deleted after 335 days of inactivity (no access, no modification), in order to avoid enlargement of our database indefinitely
  • they can only contain a maximum of 100,000 rows
  • it is not possible to create multi-sheet layers or import OpenDocument or Microsoft Office files

This service is offered subject to acceptance of our terms and conditions and may be moderated according to our moderation policy.

Una eina emancipadora

L'economia de l'atenció

El és gratuït, sense anuncis ni trampes per a clics. El nostre objectui és hostatjar una eina que us serveixi i no que us usi.

Al contrari de l'adagi, aquí, no sou el producte.

El control de les vostres dades

Framasoft recull el mínim de dades possible.

Teniu plena autonomia sobre això.

No tenim gens d'interès a fer seguiment del vostre comportament, ni d'explotar-lo.

El respecte a les vostres llibertats

Framacalc es basa en programari lliure¹. El codi és transparent, auditable públicament i no hi ha cap funcionalitat oculta.

Està construït per la comunitat, i tothom és lliure de bifurcar-lo i dur el projecte cap a noves direccions.

¹ Ethercalc – Llicència CPAL

Framacalc is an installation of the free software Ethercalc on the Framasoft servers. Its free license allows you to study its code, contribute to it and install it on your own server.

Per què oferim Framacalc?

Using Framacalc is the first step on the road to your digital autonomy.

Entrusting your data to a host implies having reasons to to trust it. Framasoft commits to clear conditions¹ to host services with respect to your integrity.

¹ see our Terms of Use and our charter

Creating a resilient ecosystem

Framasoft is one of many actors offering online services hosted with a strong ethic, with the objective of decentralisation.

To take a step further in your digital emancipation, find the same service hosted near you by one of the members of the Collective of independant, transparent, open, neutral and ethical hosters: the CHATONS!

Contributing to the digital commons

Behind a service like Framacalc there is a political proposal: exploring an alternative to surveillance capitalism by experimenting with the contribution society.

By offering uses, feedback and contributions to Ethercalc, we participate in maintaining the vibrancy of a common resource.

Qui hi ha darrere de Framacalc?

Framacalc is hosted by a French not-for-profit association: Framasoft

Created in 2004, the association is now dedicated to popular education on the challenges of the digital age and the cultural commons. Our small structure (37 including 10) is known the De-google-ify Internet project (16 ethical and alternative online tools) and for the development of PeerTube, Mobilizon, etc. Recognized as being of general interest Framasoft is funded at 93% by your donations, which are tax deductible for French taxpayers.

Suport a Framasoft

Perquè lliure no significa de franc…

Framasoft és una organització sense afany de lucre que només pot seguir funcionanent gràcies als donatius. Us agrada què fem? Penseu que anem en la direcció correcta? Si és així, i ens podeu fer un donatiu, us ho agrairem molt!

1. Vull fer un donatiu a Framasoft

2. Completo la meva informació


In France, thanks to the tax deduction of 66%, your donation of €10 will cost you only €3.

3. I access the payment


  • Els donatius recurrents es poden aturar en qualsevol moment, simplement demaneu-nos-ho.
  • If you want to modify your recurring donation, please contact us, we will stop the current one and you will be able to make a new one.
  • Tax receipts (in France only) are sent by postal mail in March/April 2023 (before tax declaration) for 2022 donations
  • Financial and activity reports can be found on the not-for-profit page
  • If you have more questions, you may find answers there